Changes and Guarantees Policies

DIVACO's main objective is to make sure that you are always fully satisfied with the purchase you made.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchased product, you can change it within a period of 15 business days, counting from the date you receive your product. (as long as they have not been used, damaged, or a change has been made PREVIOUSLY for the above concepts).

For this, it is necessary to present the purchase invoice and the article with ALL its labels (internal and external). This exchange rate does not apply to the line of Accessories (Glasses and Costume Jewelry), underwear and promotional garments.

Warranty Policy

If the item you purchased has any quality or suitability problem, and you have complied with all the care and washing recommendations, and the term of the guarantee that has been offered to you has not expired, you can go with the garment in optimal hygienic conditions to DIVACO and fill out the Guarantee Request Form in order to meet your request for effectiveness of the guarantee, it will proceed in the terms and according to the rules established in Title III, Chapter I in Law 1480 of 2011 – Consumer Protection Statute and Decree 735 of 2013.

To exercise the right to an exchange, the products must meet the following requirements:

A. For the change it is essential to present an invoice if it was purchased in the store or on the web, the garment must keep its original labels and packaging.

B. The garment must be in the same condition in which it was sent, it must not have stains or odors.

Procedure that will be given to your declaration by Guarantee

1. Once the customer has filled out the Warranty Request Form Your request along with the item will be sent to the Customer Service Department
2. Analysis of the item and its status by our qualified personnel. Once the quality auditor reviews the garment, the appropriate decision will be made in accordance with the provisions of the regulations governing the matter.
3. The Customer Services Area will respond to the guarantee request in writing within 15 business days of its presentation (This period does not include the time necessary in case the article is viable to be repaired). The effectiveness of the guarantee will be advanced according to the rules contained in Law 1480 of 2011 and Decree 735 of 2013.
4. Once an arrangement, change is authorized or the Quality Auditor determines that your request has been denied, the client has a time limit of three (3) months to remove the item from the store or make the change effective. After this term, DIVACO is not responsible.
• Garments with a guarantee request must be sent to our store address in Bogota, Carrera 13 # 79-41, 1st floor. The value of the shipment for garments that are exchanged for guarantee or errors made on our part will be assumed by DIVACO. The shipment must be made payment on delivery. I have informed of this change to WhatsApp 3183083566 or email
Warranty Exclusion
• DIVACO shows the colors and patterns of all its garments in the closest way to reality, however, the color you see on the screen will be subject to variations according to the configuration or lighting of your devices; for this reason it is not possible to guarantee that the tones you see on your monitor are faithful to reality.
• Subsequent warranty request Complaints after one month of purchasing the product
• Not following the washing and care instructions for the garment.
• The use of deodorants with chemicals that discolor fabrics.
• The use of chemicals or bleach in the wash.
• Faded by direct drying in the sun.
• Fade from hand-washed garments
• The garment was altered or modified by the client and therefore its last was damaged.
• The print, appliqués or embroidery were ironed on.
• Normal wear of the garment.
• The damages caused to the garments due to their misuse and the normal wear and tear of the garment due to use will NOT be subject to guarantee.
Money Refund

The consumer statute was created specifically to protect the consumer, and under it there are more possibilities to demand the return of the money paid in a purchase or service. The consumer statute considers the following causes for the return of money, when:

a. There is room for a refund of the price, when the item cannot be repaired, when the repair of the defects is requested under the guarantee

b. The failure of the good is repeated and the consumer instead of a new repair requests that the money be restored.

c. Goods have been purchased electronically and the delivery of the order exceeds thirty days or when the purchased product is not available, there is a place to terminate the contract and obtain a refund of all amounts paid.

d. It is the obligation of the seller to return the price to the buyer in the events mentioned above.

and. In others, the seller has no obligation to return the money, for example because the customer simply regretted the purchase without an objective reason.

In attention to the consumer law, DIVACO does not make money refunds, except that the purchase made in our e-commerce does not become available due to inventory issues that same day, we will refund your money, or if for any reason you wish to make We do not have the desired size available for an exchange, in which case the money will be refunded no later than 5 days after receiving the purchase.

The client must request the return of the money through the customer service line 3183083566 or through the email

Shipping policy

For the delivery of our orders, we have a shipping time of 1-5 business days , without taking into account the day the order is placed (Saturdays and holidays do not add up ). These times do not apply to promotions or special events.

The shipping company is responsible for the safe delivery of the order; The merchandise is insured for the minimum standard value , if the client requires a higher value, he must communicate it at the time of purchase.

DIVACO may _ cancel the order due to lack of availability of the product, in this case the money will be refunded according to means of payment used the same day of receipt.

When making promotions with FREE shipping , DIVACO only assumes the cost of shipping the product, for changes and returns,