Compression technology helps reduce muscle vibration during sports, reducing pain and fatigue caused by intense training and improving your performance.

  • feeling of firmness
  • Reduces aches and pains from intense workouts
  • Use in post-workout helps in muscle recovery


The antimicrobial protection technology prevents the proliferation of micro-organisms responsible for perspiration odors, so that you are protected throughout the day and in any situation.

  • hypoallergenic
  • ecologically correct
  • Increases the life of the garment


It guarantees total skin coverage avoiding spaces between the fabrics while visually the garment looks vibrant and compact.


Air technology allows the passage of air to facilitate ventilation, breathing and sweat drying, helping to regulate body temperature. Stay cool and feel comfortable, at all times.

  • Structure that facilitates heat exchange with the environment
  • thermal contour


Dry technology facilitates the evaporation of sweat, transporting it out of the fabric and helping to maintain body temperature regulated, even in hot climates

  • Helps stabilize body temperature
  • Dries more easily, aiding in performance
  • Cool, soft-touch fabric